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  • James

    I don’t know that they are. What are the facts and figures?

  • gordon61

    Sadly I think ‘girls’ are more successful at school than ‘boys’ because the education system, well at least in NZ, is more geared towards a girls style of learning than a boys.

    • BOB

      I know why women are more successful then men in school. Government policies, well funded special interest groups-feminist movements, war on the white males by emasculating the male children, brain washing, circumstances, confusing by disorienting them over the generations making them weak so women can be strong. This was engineered by very patient, mythodicol, influential acadamions in part and it is still going on until men are diminished, you will see. When you here “educated” women talk about these topics you here a sense of superiority. they forget they had allot of help from who had the power and sympathized. This wreaks of hipocrisy. The system is slowly getting rigged against the males and it is starting in the education system like the guy above in so many words said. oh! not to mention ” political correctness” that shackles the truth in the education system and allows women to thrive. If I do not thrive as a male or live longer and have to take care of myself its not always because of the label women put on it so “GET OVER YOURSELVES”.

      • BOB

        This is BOB again from above. I just wanted to briefly say in conclusion that I am not disrespecting women I have no problem seeing them do well. I want to expose some truths. If you want to see disrespect look at the title of Hanna Rosin’s book. I feel that’s very disrespectful and very small in my opinion and proves my point.

      • Let

        i believe what u are going for is the old old war trick ppl used to use…if we cant beat them now, we breed it out of them. which is pretty true

  • Paul

    Adolescent boy’s and girl’s maturational development occurs at different rates, both physically and cognitively. Girls have nature’s advantage, perhaps they need the head start to keep the boys at bay later on. However, boys do cognitively catch up and at some point around 18, boy’s and girl’s development is about equal.

    • Summerwave

      There is a study out that found that grades earned in school may be predictably modeled based almost purely on the number of hours of video games children play per week. For students under 10 years of age, in particular, the extremely high levels of video gaming (almost overwhelmingly among male students) really cuts into their grades. After this age, female students start to develop a mild interest in video games, but for those 10 and under, it’s almost all boys. And this alone truly hurts them, academically.

  • DadofTween

    Why girls are more “successful” at school than boys can be summarized by saying that the education system has changed – and not for the better.

    Here are just a few reasons/observations:
    “Success in school ” has, over time, been redefined in ways that favor – i.e. rewards – girl’s ‘typical’ strengths.
    Since the 70s school funding decreases have encouraged men to migrate to more lucrative jobs (outside of teaching) which has, for a few generations, created a gap that has been increasingly filled by women entering the workforce.
    As a result, many of the values of “teaching/learning” have changed to focus largely on kids putting the *effort* and teachers *feeling* appreciated for theirs instead of doing what ever it takes to ensure children *learn* the material and skills.
    Furthermore, these mostly women school teachers have redefined what “education” means by emphasizing *social* values over academic skills.

    They have relaxed the disciplinary and academic expectations placed on kids and reward them for sitting still and being passively quiet (typically girl’s temperament) and punish kids who are loud and active (typically boy’s temperament)
    And worse: we have shifted our focus from results (learning the material/skills & passing the tests that demonstrate it) to effort and social (behaving *properly*, cooperating, playing well with others, etc…) and socially promote kids to the next level even when they do not have the necessary skills and/or knowledge..

    That’s just for starters.. There are so many other social and cultural reasons why girls are more “successful” at school than boys.

    I hope someone take a really good look and not just gloss over the big elephants in the many rooms we need to look at.

  • mrcead

    Learning is a relatively passive activity where the tools to practice are a book and a quiet space in which to read it. Who is more likely to sit down and read a book and learn from it? A testosterone charged boy who desperately wants to fit in socially and rebels against his parents’ wishes or a girl who is naturally passive, less likely to socialise and who listens to the advice of her parents?

    It’s the temperament. Women are taught from a young age not to buck the system and the system rewards compliance. Not difficult to sort out, just observe and school.

  • Cynthia Rucker

    I teach high school in rural Ohio. Girls just want it more–all of it–the grades, the scholarships, the better paying jobs. They are more willing to put out the effort to do it. Boys USED to put out effort…20 years ago, when I started my career. Now, boys talk about marrying a woman with a good job–semi-jokingly.

    • Col_Conran

      Totally agree, girls are just going for it & can see the rewards for their efforts. Until boys start to do the same, girls will continue to move ahead. I also still believe more male teachers are needed & something should be done to encourage men back into the teaching profession.

      • concerned2121

        That actually makes sense, instead of just saying, well girls just want it more. You have to ask yourselves, why is that true? I was a student of the public school system from 1995-2005 and I watched it happen, and become worse. People want to blame everything else besides the 500 lb gorilla in the classroom and on the media today. The gorilla i speak of is modern feminism, and it has no real regard for the education of boys, elementary through high school. Though I’ll admit my highscool had teachers literally telling the classes that boys were not capable of the intelligence that girls were. Many of my classmates complained and they were laughed at. I really wish I were making this up, but im just concerned. And I know it seems like I’m an anti feminist, I’m not, I just want people to know the truth. I remember the propaganda then, and I definitely see the new wave feminist message surging through the mainstream media today, It’s even more ruthless today and more boys are dropping out as a result. It’s time we all admit it. There’s no need to sit around scratching our heads.

      • Valentine Brook

        Try giving boys precious ‘equality’ and they will improve. Try treating them like human beings instead of shit. The schools are full of sexist childminded females who are mentally ill. The utterly unbelievable way the male is treated IS CHILD ABUSE. There is no new paradigm, it is a con, a delusion, and as usual the female believes her own lies. Women is stupid, throw knives at it!

        • Col Conran

          The schools are full of female teachers because men aren’t becoming teachers anymore.This isn’t women’s(feminism) fault, it is the fault of men who choose not to become teachers. How about you look at what is happening in the world instead of just trying to blame women for everything. One of the biggest issues is a lot of boys don’t respect women. My Aunt is a teacher & boys are taught through the media, video games & porn, to rubbish women & therefore don’t listen to female teachers(they are far from mentally ill..pfft). Until more men start stepping up & becoming teachers, the problem is only going to get worse. I am sick of people blaming women(feminism) for everything that goes wrong for males in this world. It has gotten to the stage where everything is feminism’s fault, from a tooth ache to running out of toilet paper.

    • concerned2121

      OK I see a problem with the fact that you’re not connecting the dots and considering the political and socioeconomic reasons for boys not wanting education as much as they use to. Im not.placing blame, but what im talking about is part of the problem. If girls recieved the same message boys hear about themselves, girls would be lagging. Especially if you taught the boys in these girls classes that women make your life harder, boys would try harder and be angry mra, like girls turning into boy hating angry feminists today.The message boys mainly hear about their gender is largely negative. So you don’t find this to be the short changing of boys as opposed to girls. ?

      • Let

        this guys hitting a really good point. women speak out however much they want against men, and men get called misogynist when they defend themselves. women beat the crap outta men all the time and get away with it, but men are sadistic and evil if they push a girl back while defending those same blows. its not that women are JUST coming up, they are misusing what is SUPPOSED to be chivalry and etiquette toward women that is ALL based on 1 principle, men are naturally larger and stronger than women. there is a huge imbalance and misuse of power these days. pushing women to do better is a good thing, allowing them the same school and work opportunities is awesome. beating men down while doing it is the same bullshit abuse women have been crying about for the last how many hundreds of years?

    • M1979

      What do you do as a teacher to change that? Anything? Why don’t you put these wonderful talents you naturally have as a woman toward effectively changing the attitudes of these boys?

    • kelleth

      Ironically they have a bigger chance of ending everything all together. judging by the suicide rates.

  • Janos Kocsis

    they are not more “successful”, they have just more A notes…

  • A man

    I didn’t read the book but after reading a lot of articles and commentaries around the Internet about it I started to see many of the marital relationships around me very differently, this really clarified a lot of things to me, and I’m from countryside Brazil, this thing is happening even here.

    I think one of the issues why men aren’t capable of changing is the upbring. I’m a man, I have a sister and a brother, like many post-feminism families, mine raised the daughter with a very clear objective “you either study to be independent so you can choose the man you want or you’ll have to find a main to sustain you, and he probably won’t respect you, the more sucessful you are, the more you can choose a successful and respectful man”, this was very clear for my parents (both from families with lots of unhappy marriages for women), there was no other way for my sister, she HAD TO go against the fate of the typical housewife, while we, sons, weren’t in the fragile position, “you have to study so you can get a good job for whatever you want”, the concept is that men is in an advantaged position from the begining so he doesn’t have to worry about that, parents worry a lot more about the girl’s future and condition. It’s a double thinking (although this doesn’t explain the cases where married women start their career (or business) later and surpass their husbands, I know some cases).

    Another fact that I noticed during my college times (electric engineer here, we had only 3 women in our class, 2 were amongst the highest grades, the other was dumb as hell) is that the men who got girlfriends or married were more dedicated with the studies, internships, work, etc than those who didn’t. This was very clear by the end of the course, in the beginning all we cared about was getting good grades and good internship oppotunities because this is what people say is important during our college, in the end those who had girlfriends or were married already had more concrete plans for their careers and lives, they didn’t necessarily have better grades, but it was very clear that their professional future was brighter.

    Now I don’t know if this “girlfriend incentive” has to do with the upbring that I talked about above. There might be another thing playing here, which is “what’s the purpose of a heterosexual man after a certain age who can’t get a family to depend on him?” What is his incentive? A woman still can take care of herself, she also has a healthier social life, both with friends and family, it’s also easier for her to raise a family alone, resuming: she can still play most of the “cycle of life” alone. Being alone for a woman living in big cities today will make things harder but not take the purpose of her life, maybe that doesn’t happen with hetero man, in most mammal species the male has to convince the female that he’s worth something, if he can’t do that, that means he failed and now all he can do is to take care of himself waiting for death. Taking care of your body, drinking with buddies, having random sex with prostitutes and spending all of your money to show off isn’t going to incentivate you to work harder and harder, these things are all easy to achieve. We live in a society that values career building, your success in life depends on this discpline that must be present throughout life, maybe the upbring of many families today are preparing women better, or something worse, maybe technology, laws and urban economy made it so that women are concentrating and controling everything that would naturally give a purpose for men to be that disciplined, and there’s no return for that. So what’s left for men is to compete with dildos for women’s sex drive.

    • Col_Conran

      Well Done…That is a very good post & I think you have nailed the issues of today in all countries. Also it was interesting that you commented on your college days & the men who got ahead at college had steady girlfriends & concrete plans. While the ones without girlfriends had no concrete plans.

      “”what’s the purpose of a heterosexual man after a certain age who can’t get a family to depend on him?”

      Women do in fact thrive on their own & live longer, while married women have a shorter life span (apparently). It is the opposite for men who live alone, they don’t thrive & married men live longer.

      I can see why some men are struggling here !! & feel threatened that feminism is making them redundant. I don’t believe this to be the case, but I can see very clearly your points here. Thank you

      • David Bueler

        I agree with this as well. It’s been during the times where I was in a committed relationship with a woman that I felt motivated, driven and ambitious. It’s when I’m single that I don’t. After my ex left me, I’ve been depressed, put on a ton of weight, didn’t really care about anything and just struggled to get through each day. My ex meanwhile has remained single and is doing really well. (She’s lost weight, advanced in her career, is very socially active, traveling and going places.) And finding another woman is difficult, when so many women are better educated, have better careers and are making more money than you are. And I know so many women now that are happy being single and would rather be single anymore. And I know several other guys just like me. It really does seem like, men need women more than women need men, as most women seem to do fine or even better on their own.

  • Natalia

    I think boys are more oriented on social interaction with other boys and showing their own significance. It’s not “popular” among boys to study well, while girls are directly oriented on studies and it’s considered to be “popular” among girls to have good marks. Besides, boys have too much testosterone in a certain age, which sometimes makes them inattentive and uncontrallable. 🙂

  • dicksantorum

    Ok so women have overtaken men. Be it education or everything else according to this extremist misandrist author. So whats the problem now? Women are successful, clearly more skillful and talented as you have enough example s to write a book about. So whats the ranting about? To save boys or men and bring them on par with women? Or is it merely to pat yourself on the back saying you’re superior? If women have become superior then there is no need for Feminism anymore. Is there?

  • Carlie

    For years women were not allowed to go to school, not hold careers of their desire etc. But within the past 60 years, we have seen women going out and getting their education and doing what they want to do because they were allowed the freedom to truly do so. In a way, it gives them empowerment that their mothers, grandmothers, etc, did not have. In a way, its to make up for lost time.

  • annapurna1

    3 reasons ..single.parent.families…girls are expected to raise a whole family all by themselves.. while boys are only expected to go out and nail some chick and then go to hell…as such..the boys are merley responding to sharply reduced expectations of social responsibility.. whereas for girls its the exact opposite…

    • Let

      prime example of my post above…a women intent on beating down men. u realize there are a LOT of single parent dads too right?
      and expected to go out and nail some chick? he probably left you because of that attitude anna. oh btw, most women who are single parents, dont even go to school because they are too busy with their family!

  • Elizabeth Mathews

    What’s wrong is what’s missing, not what’s present. That’s why it’s so hard to see. In the USA a great many males grow up in single parent families, primarily without dads. It is hard to become a man if you aren’t loved by one….I try to imagine not having had my mom around and available when I was growing up and the mere idea profoundly rocks me.
    I can understand why so many women don’t want their kids’ dads around but it is a self-perpetuating scenario, with one generation handing down their experiences to the next one, and so it goes.

  • Mom of Great Males

    Why are girls more successful in school then boys? Schools
    think boys are a nuisance, a necessary evil so to speak. What are they supposed
    to do with them? So they put the on Ritalin (since ALL males have ADHD). They then
    demean them and tell them that their natural, normal behavior is bad or wrong because
    it just isn’t the way the school thinks they your act. Why, let’s start with
    the teacher theirselves most are women, who have a chip on their shoulders for
    one reason or another and are blaming a man for something (trained that way in
    college). Because they feel that a MAN has ruined their lives, just because he’s
    a man.

    So we have the colleges teaching our teachers to treat MALES
    no matter the age like shit, because somewhere along the line that MALE will
    destroy your life.

    Then they have parents that let the schools do what they
    want (God forbid a parent today would REALLY raise and pay attention to their
    children). (to busy on facebook, and being wonderful to theirselves and friends,
    and patting theirselves on the backs)

    So now we have drugged up boys with not parents paying
    attention or helping them.

    How could anyone MALE or female learn in an environment like

    • Skarm

      You are sexist as fuck. Btw not all males have ADHD. How can you assume something like that. It’s typical for you girls to be so non-logical.

      • Steph

        i’m pretty sure she was being sarcastic there

    • Let

      amen lady, good points. and u know, in alot of ways men and women are alike…but at the same time, we are simply different. women trying to make men into women, women trying to be men, its a freakin joke.

  • Jean Hogge

    Because when many women go back to school they are non-traditional students, meaning they now have kids, very often crappy jobs, and bills to pay. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make a better life for themselves and their children. School takes on an almost survival like importance for many.

  • karima

    what do you think of girls schooling in all the word?

  • Bill Gates

    You all are so sexist I know a few woman supremacists and they have illogical arguments just like yours. Last time I checked the richest person on earth is a male.

    • Pantheon Dweller

      Most successful entrepreneurs, scientists, etc. are male. The school system is very different from real life.

  • mayfieldga

    We need to understand that ability to learn is not genetic but involves the combination of lower average stress, supportive knowledge and skills from a person’s environment, and various mental, emotional, social, verbal interaction and care from infancy onward. The more continuity and quality the better. With this we can now look at how differential treatment and socioeconomic environments are creating very wide differences in academic growth over time.
    The belief boys should be strong from the physical world is still with us and is hurting boys academically. The more aggressive treatment to make them tougher begins as early as one year and increases as boys grow. This creates higher average stress, which forces boys to work harder when attempting mental work. It creates higher muscle tension, which hurt handwriting/motivation to write (tighter grip, more pressure on pen/pencil). It creates more activity for stress relief. It creates more social/emotional distance and more wariness of adults. With this more aggressive treatment there is also much less kind, stable, mental, emotional, social, verbal interaction and less supports and care for fear of coddling. This creates lags in mental, emotional growth and lags in social vocabulary, a very necessary component for independent reading (along with lower average stress). In addition, boys are given love/honor only on condition of some achievement, status, etc. When boys are not achieving, they are given more discipline or ridicule (support is not an option for fear of coddling). This leaves many boys with lower average esteem and seeking more outside activities such as sports, video games, others outlets to generate tid bits of love/honor in those areas. Although nice middle class kids are doing better on average due to more stability, knowledge, skills, and other more supports from their environment, they also are lagging behind their female peers. As you go down the socioeconomic ladder and time in those lower rungs, the more aggressive treatment and set in place the need to be tough along with more catharsis of stress allowed upon younger Males in those environments.
    Since girls are not supposed to be tough and are cherished and loved for being girls, we are given much more kind, stable, verbal interaction and other wonderful mental, emotional, social, supports from infancy through adulthood. This creates lower average stress, higher social vocabulary, more ease of learning, much more trust and closeness with adults/teachers, and a far greater range of communication with adults/teachers. This creates a wonderful highway for academic success. Even in lower socioeconomic environments, although not given the same knowledge, skills, and other important, physical needs met at times, we are given much kind, stable, care, and much support from parents, teachers, peers, and others in society. This is why the Male Crisis is far greater in lower socioeconomic areas. We need to remove the false genetic models and begin looking at and using all of those wonderful variables as wonderful tools to help all students, boys and girls improve their lives.

    • Let

      “We need to understand that ability to learn is not genetic…”
      tell that to the kid with down syndrome, or the savant with an eidetic memory that can tell you 80 numbers into pi…

      • mayfieldga

        I am a special education teacher, I know there are many organic dysfunctions that happen to all of us. We can only feel so much more for those children and adults who are damaged in some way. However, the vast majority of us as the topic was about pointed to gender differences in achievement in school. I was on topic and correct in showing how we are all very equal but affected greatly by our individual environments and differential treatment. We must not ever confuse organic or psychological damage with normal variations of intelligence. Oh, in terms of the savant, many do not understand how different autistic savants are able to do incredible, math, music, or visual feats. We need to see how whether by mercury damage or other, persons with autism are damaged organically by those chemicals. What happens is this happens in fragmented parts of the mind, leaving other fragments undamaged. For the vast majority of persons with autism this may leave them with very high sensitivities to sound, light, movement, etc, with other parts damaged. However, in rare cases, when there is damage, there may be complete music, math, or visual areas undamaged. The mental energy is then channeled away from the damaged areas and more toward the undamaged areas. This then supplies those autistic savants with much more mental energy than would normally be available. However, for us more so-called normal individuals due to our minds functioning normally, we are taxed much more so by our individual environments and yes, much differential treatment.

  • tommythegrouch

    The overall pattern obscures the more narrow truth: men still dominate the top ranks of academic achievement. But women are much more willing to work hard to be merely average. For men, if you’re not the alpha male or at least the consigliere, you are nothing. And now men have to compete not only with the men and women in their immediate environment, but with the images of hyper masculine success made ubiquitous via mass media.

    So in school, as in many other areas, if a male can’t meet those standards, he doesn’t try, but instead looks for some other area where he can construct a self-image of masculine superiority. Sometimes this is a good thing, but mostly it is a dead-end, and at the extreme it can lead to violent and abusive behavior.

    The men whining on this board typify the type of mediocre males who most benefited from the unearned privilege of the past, and are most ill-equipped to deal with a present in which they must work much harder to achieve much less.

    • Pantheon Dweller

      “So in school, as in many other areas, if a male can’t meet those standards, he doesn’t try, but instead looks for some other area where he can construct a self-image of masculine superiority. Sometimes this is a good thing, but mostly it is a dead-end, and at the extreme it can lead to violent and abusive behavior.”

      Isn’t better to find some other area in which you could be one of the best, where you would be both happier and more productive?

      What’s the point of working hard to be average? It works in school because the school system doesn’t reward excellence, it rewards being merely average in everything, but that’s not how the real world works.

      “The men whining on this board typify the type of mediocre males who most benefited from the unearned privilege of the past, and are most ill-equipped to deal with a present in which they must work much harder to achieve much less.”

      The present hasn’t changed that much, only school has. You can have very high grades in school and be utterly useless in the real world (or the opposite).

      • tommythegrouch

        “Isn’t better to find some other area in which you could be one of the best, where you would be both happier and more productive?”

        But what if you aren’t the best at anything? Most of us aren’t exceptional (tautology of the day) and are better off playing it safe and checking off the boxes, like getting good grades and finishing college. There’s no doubt that people who do extraordinary things tend to have a rule breaking, anti-authority streak. But most of us don’t have what it takes to be extraordinary, so all that rule breaking gets us is a one way ticket to a marginal existence.

        “What’s the point of working hard to be average?”

        That’s exactly the attitude I’m criticizing. What’s the point of working hard to be average? Because the alternative is cultivating a delusion of superiority while posturing your way to being decidedly below average.

        • Pantheon Dweller

          “But what if you aren’t the best at anything?”

          You may never be *the best*, but there is always something that you do best (not better than other people, better than other things you could do). And doing that is a far better strategy than struggling to be average in something you’re not good at.

          “Because the alternative is cultivating a delusion of superiority while posturing your way to being decidedly below average.”

          No, I told you the alternative above. And this is what the most successful people did, to find their best strength and to specialize in it.

        • Let

          “But what if you aren’t the best at anything? Most of us aren’t
          exceptional (tautology of the day) and are better off playing it safe
          and checking off the boxes, like getting good grades and finishing
          college. There’s no doubt that people who do extraordinary things tend
          to have a rule breaking, anti-authority streak. But most of us don’t
          have what it takes to be extraordinary, so all that rule breaking gets
          us is a one way ticket to a marginal existence.”

          “ok little tommy, ur 12 and your the dumbest one in your class, off you go to be a janitor”….
          u go tell ur kids that lol. me? im going to tell mine to NEVER stop trying to be the best. not only that but look at all the people in history who were average, and studied and trained hard to be the best for YEARS then BAM Einstein.

    • Let

      So in school, as in many other areas, if a male can’t meet those
      standards, he doesn’t try, but instead looks for some other area where
      he can construct a self-image of masculine superiority. Sometimes this
      is a good thing, but mostly it is a dead-end, and at the extreme it can
      lead to violent and abusive behavior.

      sure hope you are a shrink to back that up because its complete crap. successful or not, abuse is a separate matter.

  • concerned2121

    It is the pro feminine, “men are inferior” material that boys face everywhere in the US as well as other countries like the UK. There was such an emphasis on a “girls rule boys drool” message throughout the media as well as in the class rooms in the 90s, I’m amazed anyone is surprised. Which personally, I believe nobody who noticed this obvious problem wanted to speak up, mainly because of the inevitable feminist attack that would follow. Being a kid of the 90s it was noticeable that boys were treated as a problem more than anything. It’s was also blasted in the boys faces anytime a study would come out showing that girls were doing better, it wasn’t that girls were improving that bothers most boys, it’s the fact that boys who are too young to grasp the politics of why they were treated like villains. I remember tons of pretty mean and and what i would now call sexist remarks from teachers in elementary and especially middle , and high school. It seemed to become more blatant and care free to treat boys like they were dumb in high school. Many boys noticed it, but were called wusses or sore losers, as if it were a competition, well maybe it was from the feminists. Many teachers ignored problems boys were having because girls were easier for teachers to deal with, so many were friendly with female students, while putting boys in time out to not have to deal with their energy. This was my honest experience, and I’m not saying it was every school, but feminist politics definitely influenced the teaching practices in my school, and girls were looked at as victims. Even after a teacher would rub “girls are superior” studies in these 11 year old boys faces, they would make it clear that girls were the victims and men were the problem. If it was known that boys were scoring better in math, it was explained to the kids that women were held back by men, yet boys scoring lower than girls in English was portrayed as how amazing women were. I say “were” because i remember most of this in class propaganda happening from 1995-2005. Now it’s almost 2015, and it’s gotten really bad. And more people have spoken up about the problems I’ve personally experienced. Im no longer in school but i’m seeing the effects of feminism in the school system. Does nobody find it strange at all that boys succeeding is seen as something wrong we’ve done to girls. While girls succeeding and boys failing is seen as a triumph.? Because it happened in front of me and my self esteem was effected. I grew up with a serious sense of guilt about my gender, and a resentment towards my teachers. So I would like facts to guide the male youth down the right path, like we’ve been doing with girls since the early 90’s.

  • Let

    my question is why does hannah rosin support the sexual assault and torture of an autistic boy by 2 girls? forget her book, if she supports that kinda crap then no doubt her book should go in the trash too.

  • Let

    not sure what kinda women would support a sadistic author like this one but they arent ones i would trust with children

  • Let

    heres another funny thought… and women are alike…males were the power hungry ones, and kept women down…now that men arent doing that, women are trying to do it to men, its the old crabs in a barrel pulling each other down. not to be misogynistic and not threating….but eventually men will get sick of it and assert the only truth…men are bigger than women. if you dont want it to happen, dont trample each other on the way up

  • Let

    im on a roll tonight….another thing…has anyone noticed that since women have demanded and pushed for more equality, there are a LOT more single parents? thats one reaction ppl havent noticed…u want equality? ok, u equally slept with me, u equally didnt use protection or contraceptive, u can equally go get a job and support yourself! before, men were expected to provide a stable home for families, u had a kid? u better marry her!….so my problem is this…women complained then, and now they are still complaining….just WHAT exactly are you after? male genitals for yourself and the womb for men? go get a freakin sex change, then maybe when ur a man u can FINALLY quit complaining. after all thats all of what i seem to be hearing…poor me i have a womb so men fucked me over somehow…..

    • Col Conran

      That’s case you haven’t noticed, it’s the men who are the ones complaining in this comment section, not women. It is the men complaining non stop about feminism… I’ll give you a big tip..women don’t ever want to be a man..EVER .. Women just wanted the same opportunities that were offered to men in the past, opportunities that men didn’t earn, they were just given to them because they were male.
      The earning of money is probably the biggest thing women want.
      As much as men may try to glamorizes the past as men looking after women, a hell of a lot of men 50-60 yrs ago took off & nearly every family had a female relative living with them. Women in the past often only stayed married to an abusive husband because she needed his wage to feed her children, now they can leave,hence why there are more single parent families.
      In the past, if a husband took off, it was extremely hard for women to earn enough money to support herself & the children. Women were often refused entry into a lot of higher paying jobs, not because they couldn’t do the work, but because they were female & seen as inferior.
      Women now will make sure they get a very good education to safeguard herself in case life doesn’t work out with a man in her life. For women the most important thing is making sure she is financially stable for her whole life because she will probably live longer than the man in her life.
      Now, the biggest tip I can give you is treat women as your equal in life. Once married be her equal partner & you shouldn’t have any issues in life. But complain non stop like you are now & no woman will ever want you…bye!

  • Let

    i need to stop reading this crap before i really do turn into a misogynist. that’s all books like this do, make men into women haters. on a normal day, i love women. and i do consider them equal on most things(sorry ladies nature just doesnt do complete equal in all things, and note that it goes both ways, women better than men at some things, men better than women at others.)

    but reading some of the complete trash on here i can only remember my favorite quote in as good as it gets…
    “how do you quote women so well?” “i take a man, and i take away reason and accountability” the latter of those 2 seems to be the rule here

  • Cc

    Girls learn from everyone and boys like hands on stuff it easier for them to learn with hands on (boys)

  • RustyPolitesse

    I have been discriminated against my whole life for being an energetic male, even into college. My teachers/profersors are not only naive but absolutely oblivious to my male ways, and when they see me being kinesthetically active while engaging in learning they see it as a sign i need to be told to calm down. they have pushed me to a point of complacency and uncaring indifference because i am actively discourage from looking around the class and taking notes when i feel the need to expediate learning. they speak to me constantly while i am learning and try to change my learning methods, and it has only hindered my success. I am an active learner, and this means learning with my body and mind, though i am careful not to disrupt the learning of others, but my professors feel the need to completely derail my course of action and attempt to replace it with their own preferences, which absolutely kill my motivation, interest, and progress…

    Such a shame, I was making straight A’s until the daily harassment took its toll.

  • RustyPolitesse

    The fact is my professors seem genuinely pleased when I am not actively paying attention in class, as a matter of fact they seem to want to discourage my methods at all costs, blame feminism,blame gender-misunderstandings, blame what you must, but it has reached a point where being male is somehow seen as a disadvantage, despite my insanely effective approach to learning…

  • superior papers discount code

    That explains perfectly but there are still some cases where men stands out then women especially on some subjects in school because not all people are having the same capabilities especially if they both have the same gender.

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