How can it possibly be the “end of men” when there are so few female elected officials — when men still hold the reins of political power? It’s an excellent question.

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“I almost always get asked the same question: How can it possibly be the ‘end of men’ when there are so few female elected officials — when men still hold the reins of political power?

It’s an excellent question. Until now, I’ve answered by pointing to statistical trends and future projections. Always, I ask people to take a leap of faith. But after this election, I feel like I am on so much more solid ground.

The women’s vote did not turn out to be historic in the way pundits predicted before the election. Yes, more women voted for President Obama, but not in record numbers. The gender gap was in fact a little smaller in this election than in 2008. Yes, women were important in certain states, but so were young people, African-Americans and Latinos, who, together, make up Obama’s new winning coalition. What’s more, women did not even constitute a unified vote. Married women tended to vote for Romney, while single women went for Obama.

What changed in this election was that women accumulated power in a calm and measured way, and began to look for the first time much less like outsiders to the political process.”

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  • Stephen Tod

    I agree: It is depressing to see how few governors, representatives and senators are female. Exacerbating that dearth is the scary, ridiculous and irrational assault on women’s health by far too many ignorant, chauvinistic, elected officials – several of whom are actually doctors who should know better. For every Elizabeth Warren, there is a Ted Cruz. If some of their tactics are theatrics, that is just too cynical for the vaunted Constitution they claim to revere.

  • Stephen Tod

    We need more vocal, articulate women like Rachel Maddow, Melissa Harris-Perry and Alex Wagner, adept at thinking critically on their feet while maintaining a pleasant, ebullient demeanor and, like Gloria Steinem, masterful at utilizing reason, logic and facts to outwit ignorance, arrogance, rudeness, and terrible manners , without stooping to umbrage, obstinacy, insults, misogynism, or just plain stupidity.

  • mayfieldga

    We need to see this more as a red herring designed to keep the fires of feminism going. We are doing fine as women. The major difference is as women, the treatment we receive from society allows many planes of reaching our innersecurity. We are not as driven as the average man to achieve. In the past, we could have a family, home, and maintain love and honor from society. With the information age, we then had more choices of having a family or gaining more skills through education. We are given love and honor simply for being girls and women.
    As for the boys and men, they are being raised with much more aggression to make them tough from infancy. This is causing many of those boys and men to fall behind from higher average stress, higher muscle tension, lower social vocabulary from much less positive interaction, less support, and care by parents, teachers, and others. They are also given love and honor only on condition of some achievement, status, position, etc. Those boys and men not achieving are then given more ridicule and discipline to make them try harder. This then creates for those fewer, middle class and higher boys not only more security and knowledge/skills, but also a drive from childhood to achieve using their knowledge and skills to “continue receiving love and honor”. Since these things are essentials of self-worth, this then becomes for those boys and men a kind of drug “necessary to maintain their sense of self-worth.
    As for girls, we have many more choices and can be wonderfully satisfied with many other wonderful positions in society.
    But— for those girls and women still looking for success in the top ends of politics and boardrooms and stem fields just wait a little longer. As the middle class begins to shrink more and even those middle class boys due to more aggressive treatment begin to fall behind their female peers, many many more girls and women will begin to compete for higher and higher positions. So due to attrition of boys able to compete due to improper treatment and more and more girls and women “choosing to go into higher areas of society, women will eventually take over every area of society. Again, not from genetics or effort, but due to much better treatment from society. We need to understand this.

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